Analytics & Warranty


“We pride ourselves on our dedication to provide solutions for each of our client’s needs.” 


D-Riven is a full service Engineering Solutions company providing you the best in Analytics & Warranty services.  Our support includes but is not limited to services such as; OEM Warranty Portal Monitoring and Data Analytics, Yard Hold Support, and HAZMAT Part Return Services.

Contact D-Riven today at 248-297-5352 to learn about all of our services and how we will help you.  See below for a list of D-Riven Analytics & Warranty services.  

D-Riven Analytics & Warranty Services:

  • CQI, Quality Audit and gap Assessment Services
  • OEM Warranty Portal Monitoring and Data Analytics
  • Technical Factor Development
  • Preventative Failure Analytics & Monitoring
  • Compliance Training and Services
  • Yard Hold Support
  • HAZMAT Part Return Services