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The ECO Rack starts at the design concept. The D-Riven team uses 3D engineering and years of practical in plant experience to ensure the maximum number of products can be placed in the space allowed. An ECO Rack design will typically accommodate approximately 25% more than competing rack designs. Having the ability to put 25% more into the ECO Rack, you will use less natural resources, less electricity, and maximize production.

D-Riven’s design team focuses on key product features which allow us to maximize product density inside the rack and rack density inside the transport. On our last order, D-Riven’s ECO Rack design increased rack density by 33% over our closest competitors design. This reduced the total number of racks required and improved our trailer pack density, so every third truck was basically free freight.

Working closely with our customers, D-Riven’s Engineering and Fabrication teams ensure the rack supports lean manufacturing and provides safe and efficient use.

Here are a few benefits of the ECO Rack:

  • A rack design to truly hold the maximum number of parts, which reduces the rack fleet size.
  • Safe and intuitive hand point locations.
  • A design that maximizes every square inch of space inside the transport trailer.
  • A design that works for your team supporting lean manufacturing, which reduces storage space and work cell integration.
  • Durable and low maintenance racks that reduce the need for downtime and repair. 

To discuss our ECO Racks and how the Industrial Fabrication team will help you contact Mike Hudson at hudson@d-riven.com or call D-Riven Engineered Solutions direct at 248-297-5352

Advantages of Powder Coating for Industrial Surfaces  

One of the first questions you may have is: “what exactly is powder coating?” Powder coating is application of a dry powder to a product or surface that is then heated or cured to create a powerful bond that is more durable than conventional paint.

Powder coating is known for providing high quality finished without flakes, cracks, scratches or chipping. Powder coating allows for the application of thicker coatings than traditional paint, without the risk of running or other imperfections. Further, powder coatings cure significantly faster than conventional paint, allowing for much faster production.

A powder coat finish also provides a long-lasting color. Pigments are released at almost three times more than wet paint, resulting in that longer lasting color that won’t fade overtime.

Being a high quality and durable finish is one of the many reasons D-Riven chooses powder coating. However, Powder Coating is not only durable, it is also an eco-conscious choice; which is one of the reasons why D-Riven Engineered chooses it for its ECO Racks. Powder coating is considered a green technology that doesn’t harmfully contaminate the air. Wet paint is approximately fifty percent (50%) Volatile Organic Compounds or Solvents that will evaporate as the paint dries, contaminating and harming the environment. Powder coating allows an easy and cost-effective way to care for our environment.

Advantages of Powder Coat:

  • Cost Effective – overtime the effects of using powder coating will be non-comparable.  Powder coating is longer lasting and any excess powder can be reused 
  • Provides a finished, polished look to metal 
  • Multiple customized finishes and textures are available 
  • Doesn’t harmfully contaminate the air  
  • Reliable color retention 

Being durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, D-Riven considers powder coating to be the choice for our Eco Rack.