Our Team 

The D-Riven Industrial Fabrication division is dedicated to finding the optimal solutions for our customers.  Providing a unique team with real world, hands on experience that will collaborate with you on all aspects of the engineering process.   

On Time and On Budget

Driven’s fabrication facility brings your product from the design to the real world. Our craftsmen use a wide range of metal working equipment paired with our 24hr a day operation allowing us to deliver quality custom 1-off parts or large production orders, on time, and on budget.

Cutting, Forming, and Finishing

Cutting, Forming, Finishing and Assembly. These are the steps that take place once the design is complete. Our cutting and forming operations are automated & programmable to deliver the repeatability our customers require.

Welding operations cover a large scope to include all material choices. Finishing starts with the grinding and buffing of your product followed by Powder Coating to ensure the best finished appearance. Our assembly bay completes your product adding all the hardware, components and quality validations.


Vertically integrated processes to produce the best standalone products, or fit within an entire solution.