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The ECO Rack starts at the design concept.  The D-Riven team uses  3D engineering and years of practical in plant experience to ensure  the maximum number of products can be placed in the space allowed.   An ECO Rack design will typically accommodate approximately 25% more than competing rack designs.  Having the ability to put 25% more into the ECO Rack, you will use less natural resources, less electricity, and maximize production.

D-Riven’s design team focuses on key product features which allow us to maximize product density inside the rack and rack density inside the transport.  On our last order, D-Riven’s ECO Rack design increased rack density by 33% over our closest competitors design.  This reduced the total number of racks required and improved our trailer pack density, so every third truck was basically free freight.

Working closely with our customers, D-Riven’s Engineering and Fabrication teams ensure the rack supports lean manufacturing and provides for safe and efficient use. 

Here are a few benefits of the ECO Rack:

  • A rack design to truly hold the maximum number of parts, which reduces the rack fleet size.
  • Safe and intuitive hand point locations.
  • A design that maximizes every square inch of space inside the transport trailer.
  • A design that works for your team supporting lean manufacturing, which reduces storage space and work cell integration.
  • Durable and low maintenance racks that reduce the need for downtime and repair. 

To discuss our ECO Racks and how the Industrial Fabrication team will help you contact Mike Hudson at hudson@d-riven.com or call D-Riven Engineered Solutions at 248-297-5352.


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