D-Riven Engineered Solutions, establishedin ann Arbor, Michigan in 2015, is an engineering-centric firm focused on client-based solutions for large-scale manufacturing in Home Goods, Food & Beverage, and Automotive Industries.


Our curated team of professionals leverages their real-world experience with a measured degree of engineering, design, and technology, defining the appropriate solutions according to customer needs.

Our Engineering Solutions

Companies run 24-7 operations, where every part and every second counts.  No longer is there the luxury of downtime-instead it is “no time”, “just in time” and “right every time.” In these no margin of error industries – it is virtually impossible to Plan, Do, Check or Act with in-house resources alone.  This is why you need a trusted resource who can quickly react, support, diagnose, and solve your most pressing issues.  D-Riven provides our customers the ability to flex their skilled labor as industry and customer demand change.