Why You Need D-RIVEN:

Today’s environment demands suppliers take proactive, aggressive actions aimed at educating the workforce around regulatory requirements and compliance, developing a “near zero” warranty philosophy.  The time for reactive management has passed and the time has come for the use of reliable early detection and analytics.  Companies now have an ongoing responsibility and mandate to report warranty and safety risk, enforce compliance and most importantly, exercise good judgement in the face of the new regulatory landscape.

What Makes D-RIVEN Different?

The concept of a warranty and recall support company is not new.  However, existing warranty companies are one dimensional and derive their expertise from discrete functions such as mining, law, or risk management.  D-RIVEN is unique in its members’ vast array of real world, hands on experience that spans from the boardroom to the plant floor.  This experience is comprised of Safety, Regulatory, Compliance, Warranty, Legal, Quality, Engineering, Operations, Manufacturing, Design, Testing, Program Management, Commercial, and customer negotiations.  Our combined historical savings has resulted in over $300 million in recall mitigation, over $40 million in cost savings, and $8 million in supplier cost recovery.

D-RIVEN allows you to streamline your workforce, reduce cost, improve profitability, reduce accruals, reduce risk, redirect your resources and increase your depth and breadth of knowledge without the burden of the associated expense.