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D-Riven is a niche engineering company that specializes in designing, engineering and integrating equipment and products for the industrial and automotive sectors. We take on your biggest (and smallest) challenges and solve them proactively using creativity, teamwork and grit.  We get to the root of the problem and ensure that our solution adds real value to your bottom line. We dedicate ourselves to finding optimal outcomes for the long term.

D-Riven is unique in its team members’ vast array of real world, hands on experience in the automotive and industrial sectors. We are always seeking the best talent, who have a “give a damn” attitude and want to ensure the best outcome for our customers.

We conduct ourselves with the highest level of professionalism, where the safety of our customers and our team is the first priority, and our goal is to get our work right the first time and every time.  As a company we strive to perfect our approach to drive efficiency, knowing that every second counts for you and your business.

In short—we won’t let you down and we will get the job done.  We are straight talkers and will tell you the truth, eliminating the typical ’sales’ approach.  Contact us direct at 248-297-5352 to speak with our team.

If you want it done well, you need to call D-Riven.