Industrial Fabrication

Our fabrication team provides solutions in multiple areas including our Returnable Packaging/Dunnage Racks. Our Eco Rack is a packaging solution using a steel structure that is designed around a specific product and process that allows for the continuous flow of packaging between the supplier and the end user.

These designs are focused on reducing required storage space and reducing transportation costs.

Another product that D-Riven provides is Bulk Storage Racks. Our Bulk Storage Racks are designed and built by our team to provide the ability to hold large quantities of palletized products. The D-Riven Industrial Fabrication team puts designs in place that are based on the volume of pallets to be stored, turn time for loading/unloading, and managing customer FIFO (First in – First out) needs. Bulk Storage Racks can be washed down; and FDA requirements are met by using hot dip galvanized surface treatments.

The D-Riven Industrial Fabrication team also provides several custom Factory Floor Solutions to address specific facility needs. Provided below are examples of the D-Riven designed solutions:

Conveyor System Protection: Formed plastic covers attach to conveyors to protect the product on the conveyor line. Covers and brackets are designed to attach and cover the entire conveyor, including corners.

Pump/Equipment Pallets: Structural steel pallets for attaching equipment. These steel pallets are used to allow equipment to be moved, and or, raised above the floor to prevent water intrusion.

Utility Support Stanchion: Supports Water/ Electrical/ Compressed Air pipes and other utility/communication lines above the factory floor. Allows for a flexible manufacturing pace with reduced attachment points on walls and floors.

Specialty Tables: Operator assembly and worktables focused on the product and needs of the operator. Compatible in a standalone format, or complex assembly format. Provides a stable work surface, lighting, and overhead needs for supported tools.

Elevated Platform Solutions

D-Riven also helps create custom equipment platforms and mezzanines. Structured platforms allow for the placement of support and processing equipment. It allows operations to take advantage of otherwise wasted space. These solutions are typically installed above existing equipment that must be mounted on the ground. When working with building mezzanines, D-Riven takes into account the special characteristics required when people are working on an elevated platform on an ongoing basis. This includes a strong focus on safety and reliability.

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