Industrial Engineering

The D-Riven Engineered Solutions Industrial Engineering team goes above and beyond providing high quality, safe solutions.

D-Riven Industrial Engineering Services:

  • Industrial Systems Integration
  • Production Line Relocation
  • Facility Closure & Demolition
  • Maintenance Repair & Refurbishment of Existing Equipment

D-Riven’s Industrial Engineering team provides solutions in multiple areas including Industrial Systems Integration.  Working to meet your goals, we take your project from concept to: design, installation, integration and production. We work to execute complete production lines that meet your specifications.

Our Industrial Engineering team also offers Production Line Relocation.  To relocate a line, we create a CAD layout of the existing line, review requirements for that line, then dismantle and transport the line to its new location.  After transporting the line, we perform a site and systems review to confirm utilities and reinstall the line.  

Facility Closure and Demolition is a solution the D-Riven Industrial Engineering team provides.  The process includes an evaluation of the requested scope of work. Upon completion of the evaluation we generate a value-added concept and the cost and timing to complete the project. We conduct an asset review of your equipment and cross check “sister” plants for usability before removing and transporting assets that are being relocated.  Lastly, we disassemble and scrap unused or unnecessary assets before our team returns the building to its original condition.

To maintain or grow the value of your current equipment, our Industrial Engineering team also provides solutions in Maintenance Repair & Refurbishment of Existing Production Equipment.  We repair, emergency repair, and refurbish equipment with current technology and safety upgrades. 

Going above and beyond to provide high quality, safe solutions for you, our Industrial Engineering team is here to provide a full list of value added services. To discuss how we can help your company, call our team at 248-297-5352