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Launching Q1 2021, The D-Riven Industrial Fabrication and Equipment Rebuild Center.

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The D-Riven Eco Rack

D-Riven Engineered proudly designs, engineers, and manufactures our Industrial Eco Rack in the USA.  The D-Riven Industrial Fabrication Division makes reusable packaging solutions by providing our customers customized returnable dunnage racks and containers.

Traditional dunnage racks are fragile and become waste after a few uses.  D-Riven’s Eco Rack provides our client’s with returnable packaging that can be reused over extended periods of time; substantially saving on the overall costs associated with product packaging.  Further, D-Riven’s Eco Rack ensures that your goods remain undamaged by using the strongest and most resilient materials.  The Eco Rack is the superior alternative, making disposable dunnage racks a thing of the past.

With Eco Rack’s unmatched customization, durability, and sustainability, we are proud to provide our clients with cost saving solutions that help them protect both their company and the environment.

D-Riven’s Eco Racks are manufactured to meet the needs of our clients.

Contact D-Riven directly to speak to our team on how we can provide the best packaging solutions for your company.