Electrical Engineering

Research & Development/Electrical Engineering & Controls Center

D-Riven Engineered provides superior Electrical Engineering services to the expanding needs of the market.  D-Riven’s Electrical Engineers provide real-time and custom design development options to meet our client’s needs.

We provide Electrical Engineering Services and support for facilities including Electrical Schematics, Instrumentation Sourcing & Installation, Development of Data Capture Solutions, and Custom Designed Data Acquisition Hardware & Software.

Contact our professional team directly on how we will provide you the best in Electrical Engineering at 248-297-5352.

Additional aspects of Electrical Engineering that we work in include:

D-Riven Electrical Engineering:

  • Software Development (LABVIEW, PLC, NI-DAQ)
  • Control Cabinet Layout & Development
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Instrumentation Sourcing & Installation
  • Development of Data Capture Solutions
  • Custom Design Data Acquistion Hardware & Software
  • Relational Database Development for Data Storage
  • Real-Time Data Analytics Dashboard
  • Test Equipment Design & Development